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Anyone wanna start a punk band?

I live in Cumberland RI
I've got practice space
I've got a PA system
I'm 18
I play guitar

Some of my favorites are NOFX, Bad Religion, LTJ, Anti-Flag, Lagwagon, older Blink-182, BigWig, Rehasher...you know the fast punk/pop punk thing.

I just really wanna get something serious started with some serious people and I'm tired of kids in girl pants, growling vocals, and guitars tuned 15 steps down.

If you're interested comment here or contact me at...

AIM: afpunk86
email: sk8boarderz86@aol.com

i need help!!!

heyyy! i'm in need of a favor!

does anyone know if there is a mfc dvd anywhere? i thought maybe newburry comics would have it but i went online it said that they didn't have anything under MFC.  if someone has any kind of clue it would be a big help =D   thank you!!!


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tonight is the SD show at the strand with MFC!! doors open at 6, and SD is on around 6:15, so dont be late.

also, if you get the newsletter, you'll know that BRU started playing "Wendy's" at night on HomeBru'd. call in to them (272-9555) day or night and request it. eventually, they'll have to say yes.
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